Proposals are reviewed by the editorial board, and full submissions undergo rigorous peer review by expert reviewers. Potential authors are strongly encouraged to send a pre-submission inquiry to the series editors (, explaining the core idea and showing how it fits the Conceptual Foundations of Language Science series.

We ask authors to write a brief proposal following our book proposal guidelines. This helps authors to express their vision for the book, and it helps the editorial board to judge how the proposed book would fit the goals of the series.

Books in the Conceptual Foundations of Language Science have the following general structure:

  • Length no more than 40,000 words
  • Monographs are preferred over edited volumes
  • Bibliography and notes to be kept to a minimum
  • Only one level of chapters; no grouping of chapters into parts
  • Focus primarily on conceptual and theoretical issues, only secondarily on methods

Manuscripts can be prepared in any file format; we would like authors to focus on content rather than packaging. (Though you may find it useful to known that templates for Latex, Word and LibreOffice are available here.) After presubmission inquiries, the submission process is handled through the Language Science Press website and manuscripts are reviewed by at least two external referees.

If a book is accepted for publication, editing and typesetting is done in LaTeX, as required by Language Science Press. At that point it will be the author’s duty to adhere to the stylistic requirements outlined in the Author Guidelines. Various tutorials, templates and conversion services are available.